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Power your SaaS funnel with persuasive copywriting

Written by @KarlyEllis

Power your SaaS funnel with persuasive copywriting

Copywriting is the electricity that powers SaaS businesses through every stage of the custom journey.

  1. Acquisition: Many SaaS businesses get hung up talking about themselves and their features, but great messaging never focuses on itself. I help you connect the value your software offers to what your customers care about: their own needs, both analytical and emotional.
  2. Onboarding: This is where SaaS busineses with great products often fail. They match excited new customers with a great feature set but then do a poor job of walking them through their software and turning ideas into habits. I help you create a powerful onboarding experience that creates tangible “aha moments” for new users.
  3. Retention: Successful SaaS businesses know that retention is king, but few have a plan in place to increase retention. I help you keep users engaged with your brand through strategic content and feedback collection.

Adding great copy to your SaaS funnel is like flipping on a light switch. You might have achieved product/market fit. You have some a great core of happy users. You might even have a fully automated sales funnel built out.

But without the right copywriting, you’ll still be sitting around in the dark wondering what went wrong.

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